Welcome to Changing Perspectives - a world-first project aimed at creating a multimedia archive to celebrate the heritage of African and Caribbean families living in the North East.
The project, which is a celebration of inter-generational and inter-faith collaboration, sees African people aged from eight to 80 taking part in a number of arts and cultural activities. This will create a cultural and multimedia archive of people’s experiences of living in the North East as well as their reflections on African, and other forms of worldwide slavery. The project also collects oral testimonies from families on their experiences and their lives within the North East.

This is a year long participant driven project, run in collaboration with NEEACA, the North East England African Community Association, which includes creative writing, photography workshops, digital storytelling, art and dance drama. It focuses on 25 families living in the region; it is truly pan African and inter-faith, drawing participants from North, South, East and West Africa as well as the Caribbean Islands.
The project aims to promote community cohesion and develop cross cultural awareness and understanding in order to combat prejudices.

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